“Let thy food be thy medicine…

Published December 13, 2012 by blmercier91

“… and medicine by thy food.” -Hippocrates

Ten thousand years ago, there were people. They were healthy, fit, certainly much more active than people today, and they got sick… albeit much less oftener and for shorter periods of time (mainly because they would die).

They still had medicine. And I don’t mean Penicillin or Fentanyl. Medicine that was good for you. Medicine that came from the ground. Medicine that the “doctor” went into the forest and gathered the roots or flowers from and then dried it or ground it with a mortar and pestle and used fresh in a poultice. Today, too many people go to their “doctor” or “health physician” and get something OTC, or a prescription.

“Let thy food be thy medicine…”

Anything with mint in it helps intestinal issues. The dried leaves from the great minoa plant (prevalent here in Colorado) can be burned in a fire to help relieve coughing. Yarrow help heal cuts and wounds. Why do people no longer use food as their medicine? Largely because they don’t know. Why spend the time figuring out what to eat to make you better when you could just go to the hospital and pay your $50 and get a prescription for something not as effective?! -_-

Come on, people. Let’s do what the Swiss do…If you don’t know where something came from, what exactly is in it, or how it was made, don’t eat it. Grow your own heirloom herbs and veggies organically and never worry about your health again.



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