What’s with the cardboard?

Published December 13, 2012 by blmercier91

This is my garden after it was totally ready (except for my irrigation system). In case you’re wondering why there is cardboard laid out, allow me to elaborate. Since this was my first year gardening, and my garden space had previously been nothing but a weed bed with those stupid prickly plants taller than me, the cardboard served two purposes. The first was as a weed deterrent; when the weed shoots start growing, they’re not strong enough to push up through the cardboard, and thus they die. I had also chosen a “bag method” of gardening, which involves buying bags of topsoil and planting directly into that. Also, over the course of the growing season, the cardboard breaks down and becomes part of the soil, adding nutrients. This method was very successful for me, and I plan to use it again next season.


And this is it with my awesome 20$ drip irrigation system from Lowe’s installed.



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