December 14, 2012

Published December 14, 2012 by blmercier91

I want to re-cap my last two weeks. To be more specific, I want to re-cap everything that has happened to me from November 30, until this Monday, December 10. On November 30, one of my friends was in a 5 car accident and in the hospital and very badly bruised up; blood transfusions were given, surgeries had, the whole kaput. On Monday, December 3rd, while I was staying in a hotel down in Colorado Springs for a Chemical Immobilization class, all of my essential Mary Kay party stuff was stolen out of my car. On Friday, December 7th, my matron of honors son was in the hospital for reasons that I’ll not put here. And as you all know, on Monday, December 10th, I was fired.

I hadn’t really thought about all of this until a couple of days ago, when my husband asked me why I was so down on myself. That’s a lot of crap to go through in such a short amount of time. Now I fully believe in staying positive and seeing the upside of things and whatnot, but I also think that occasionally it’s ok to be down, and to feel like crap. So today, I feel like crap. I am depressed. I feel like my life stinks. I know I have a good life, and things will get better, but for now, I don’t want to be positive. Nothing is going right, and it seems like it won’t be for quiet a while. In the words of Terri Clark, “I just want to be mad for a while”… except instead of mad I want to be depressed and feel sorry for myself. I’ll probably feel better tomorrow.

Here’s what my typical day has been like since freedom day 1 (as it shall be known from now on). I wake up, let the dogs out, eat breakfast, shower, dress, blog about something related to heirloom gardening, watch an episode of King of the Hill, do the dishes and clean the kitchen, do laundry or sweep, clean whatever else needs to be cleaned, eat lunch, blog about something in my life, watch more King of the Hill, make dinner, read, and go to sleep.

There are some variations. Yesterday I had an interview and didn’t do anything useful, and tonight I’m working at David’s Bridal.

I’ve also been thinking of ways to cut expenses and save money. We have to replace my starter kit for Mary Kay, and my student loans are due at the beginning of next month. We let a “friend” stay with us for a few months, for free (with promise to pay us back), and we never saw a penny from that sleaze bag and had to use our entire $1000 emergency fund to keep up while he was here. We could turn off my husbands personal cell phone (he has a work one he could use), and put me on his mom’s plan and pay just my portion every month. We could turn off the internet, and also get rid of Xbox live, and Netflix. In the summer we could turn off the gas (or electricity), I know we could survive without one or the other. All of that would save us $216 a month. We also have a deal with our landlord to exchange upgrades on the house for rent. We still need to do the kitchen and re-do the hardwood floors. That could save us a few months worth of rent.

I also applied at Country Buffet today. It’s certainly not making use of my degree, but jobs in my field seem to be scarce, and beggars cannot be choosers.


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