Small Changes

Published December 17, 2012 by blmercier91

Small things really do add up. Over time they add up in a big way. Last week after I got fired, I slept in every day and didn’t do much with my Mary Kay business. Today, instead of sleeping in until… well right now, actually, I got up 2 1/2 hours earlier with a plan that I had written out the night before. I got up, and instead of being a sloth for two hours and wasting half the day, I got to work. I thoroughly cleaned the kitchen- dishes, counters, scrubbing the sink, scrubbing that nasty sticky stuff off the floor, sweeping, mopping the whole kaput- did the laundry, and gave the dogs all their daily stuff. So I’m happy to say that I’ve gotten a lot done by the time I normally would have been waking up! The one thing I’m still having trouble convincing myself to do is that 30 minutes of yoga.

The world is the same way though. If everybody does just one small thing differently to make a positive change, the impact is HUGE. I’m pretty into this heirloom & organic thing (only combined, not separately though), and I imagine a world where there are no big box stores. I see only microbusinesses and farmers markets. I see people helping their neighbors and the stranger at the farmers market. I see happy, healthy people. I’m not saying a utopia- such a thing is impossible. But what if everybody was just a Little happier? What if everyone knew exactly where their food came from and how it was grown? What if everyone knew exactly how their clothes were made and by whom and with what? Is that crazy? I’ve been told I’m crazy. If everybody did just One thing a little differently, I think it could happen. If you and your neighbor or friend or someone got together and one of you grew just 1 tomato plant and took REALLY good care of it and someone else grew just lettuce and took REALLY good care of it then you both shared willingly, you would both be REALLY healthy and feel better and probably feel better about your food. Or if you’re convinced you can’t garden, make a small change by buying your vegetables from a farmers market instead of the same place you buy meat, school supplies, clothes, cosmetics, and cleaning things. Make it a family outting- I don’t think I’ve ever met a kid who wasn’t thrilled by going to a farmer’s market. Even if the stuff you buy there isn’t necessarily heirloom, you will still be making a difference! You’ll make a difference in the health of your family, and also help out somebody local. Talk to them, ask them about how they grew that tomato and how they knew when to harvest it, I have no doubts that they would LOVE the conversation. Farmers markets are also usually much cheaper, so you’ll save money too. Another benefit would be the fresh air; too many people spend way too much time inside. Get some fresh exercise, be a good example for the younger generation.

I’m making a positive change in my world, what small positive change are YOU going to make?



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