The Weekend in Review

Published December 17, 2012 by blmercier91

I sometimes wonder how my husband survives our weekends. He works at least 40 hours a week (70-80 in the summer), and then on he either hangs out with his friends all weekend, or works on our cars or his four wheeling rig, or both. And then some weekends (like this weekend), we have social engagements.

Friday night my brother-in-law and his wife and their 1 1/2 year old daughter came and stayed the night with two of their cats that can’t be left at home. I love my niece, even though until recently we haven’t seen eye-to-eye. I know it’s crazy to say you don’t see eye-to-eye with a baby, but it’s true. When she was a wee little thing, she’d always cry whenever I held her. Other people could hold her, but not me- no matter what, she’d cry. Now that she’s older, she likes to play with me. When her mom left for the store she even came and clung to my legs! It was a pleasant surprise. Then we gave her a few bites off our ice cream sandwiches, and after that, boy she was on a sugar high! She’d run into the kitchen, run into the living room, point and yell at the top of her lungs, then run out again! I also made a fabulous dinner- pulled pork that I rubbed with my own blend of spices, marinated overnight, and cooked all day with creamy garlic shells, corn on the cob, and tater tots. My father-in-law also came over to see his eldest son and granddaughter. We all sat around the table and talked until after midnight.

After staying up until after midnight, my husband and brother-in-law got up at 6 AM and went to the scrap yard Saturday (they also ran out of fuel on the way there and had to do some heart healthy walking). Saturday afternoon was rare- we just sat around together and watched TV. I did the dishes, but that was about it. Saturday night we had a birthday party for my aunt, and I also met my paternal grandmother for the first time in my life. My husband has never met any of my blood family before, so he was rather surprised by the house and everything. After the party was over, we picked up a friend and hung out all night again.

Today we slept in until 10 AM, my husband and his friend worked on their four wheeling rigs, and we made a deal with our friend to let him rent our spare bedroom. Now, we’ve never had a good experience doing this type of thing before, but this friend has 2 qualities that make him different from the other people we’ve rented to: 1. He’s not a jackass. 2. He’s paying. So, hopefully it’ll work out. I went and measured our yard (it’s over 2800 square feet!), and have started working on a plan as to what to plant. I wrote a gardening article today, and I must admit that it was stinking lame, but I’m not sure quiet what it needs to be improved- suggestions would be greatly appreciated.


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