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“Let thy food be thy medicine…

Published December 13, 2012 by blmercier91

“… and medicine by thy food.” -Hippocrates

Ten thousand years ago, there were people. They were healthy, fit, certainly much more active than people today, and they got sick… albeit much less oftener and for shorter periods of time (mainly because they would die).

They still had medicine. And I don’t mean Penicillin or Fentanyl. Medicine that was good for you. Medicine that came from the ground. Medicine that the “doctor” went into the forest and gathered the roots or flowers from and then dried it or ground it with a mortar and pestle and used fresh in a poultice. Today, too many people go to their “doctor” or “health physician” and get something OTC, or a prescription.

“Let thy food be thy medicine…”

Anything with mint in it helps intestinal issues. The dried leaves from the great minoa plant (prevalent here in Colorado) can be burned in a fire to help relieve coughing. Yarrow help heal cuts and wounds. Why do people no longer use food as their medicine? Largely because they don’t know. Why spend the time figuring out what to eat to make you better when you could just go to the hospital and pay your $50 and get a prescription for something not as effective?! -_-

Come on, people. Let’s do what the Swiss do…If you don’t know where something came from, what exactly is in it, or how it was made, don’t eat it. Grow your own heirloom herbs and veggies organically and never worry about your health again.



December 10, 2012

Published December 12, 2012 by blmercier91

I knew that I was going to get fired. I also didn’t care. They had decided to fire me the month before, during my 90 day review; but wanting to appear caring, they said that I had another 30 days to get up to their standards. Here’s what was wrong with that:
#1. I was above their standards. They just didn’t realize everything I did.
#2. They were expecting a very part time employee to be at the same level as a full time employee, which is something that will never happen when one is a new graduate in their field of choice.

So, as opposed to crying when the practice manager took me into the doctor’s office and said we were having a meeting, I relaxed, sat down, laughed, enjoyed myself, and walked out with a smile, never to return.

I called my husband and told him. He had known it was coming to (I had told him so), but was slightly more surprised than I was. It was OK though- I had a plan and told him exactly what I planned to do the rest of the day. I cancelled my free horseback riding lesson indefinitely, went home, ate lunch, dolled myself up, and proceeded to work my Mary Kay business like I never had before.

I like working Mary Kay. I had never been one for makeup, and certainly never one to enjoy wearing makeup, but once I got used to it- and learned how to properly apply it- it did become an enjoyable thing. And I never make less than 50$ an hour when I do it, which is nice. The company also has great benefits and prizes, and allows me to work when I want.

As much as I liked it though, at that point my Mary Kay business was inconsistent (which was my fault), so I needed to do more. I had watched Food, Inc. earlier in the year, and it had changed my life. I spent hours on Google looking at the prices of heirloom seeds, comparing companies and packages, and finally selected one.

Let me clarify here. I had never gardened before, and while I loved receiving flowers from my hubby, I was never able to keep them alive long, despite my best efforts. So when i told my hubby I wanted to start a garden and would he please help me with it, you can understand why he was reluctant to agree. But he’s used to my half brained ideas (which are never in shortage), so he just hopped on the band wagon. I was determined however. I bought two useful books to do research, and spent HOURS pouring over the pages on when to plant, how to start indoors, how to get seeds to germinate and then grow, different planting methods, what like what and disliked that- EVERY SINGLE DETAIL CONSUMED MY LIFE! But it was enjoyable. Then the time finally came to start my plants!

I had invested in only the most necessary things because I know how I am and that sometimes I give up on things easily, and I hate being wasteful with money. My mother helped a lot more once I got started, gardening is kind of a family thing, and she was very willing to invest in my little adventure. She bought a few things I needed but couldn’t afford, and even helped my lay out a perimeter and plant the first seeds.

I was pretty successful for my first year- all of my lettuce and broccoli died, and none of my tomatoes ever ripened, but I got a few handfuls of carrots, some small spanish onions, and so many cucumbers I gave them away to all of my friends and neighbors at least once a week. My cucumbers were huge too, many of them were at least the size of my forearm. (they also tasted really good! which sometimes is not the case when they get so big). I had enough cucumbers to harvest plenty of my own seeds- 250 to be exact, which I kept a few of but mostly gave away to the friends and family that enjoyed them most.

This is all off-topic now. Back to when I got fired. It was only two days ago, but I feel great! Things have been tough, we’ve had to totally re-do the budget and have talked about my husband going over the road for a couple years so that we can pay everything off, but all I see on the horizon now is endless possibility.