What is an heirloom seed?
An heirloom seed is one that has not been subject to genetic modification by a company such as Monsanto.

Why should I choose you to plan my garden?
Because I have spent hours researching online to find websites, and reading books to gain as much knowledge of heirloom gardens and how to care for them and make them thrive.

What if my garden dies?
Re-think, re-plan, and try again friend!

What are benefits of heirloom vegetables?
Firstly, they are much more resistant (in my experience), to common maladies that plants encounter. I only weeded my cucumbers 2 or 3 times throughout the whole growing season, and they still flourished. Also, they contain vital micronutrients that GMO vegetables are missing, meaning that they are actually healthy. “Let thy food be thy medicine” can be applied with heirloom vegetables.

Why isn’t there more stuff here?
Because I don’t know what questions you have! Email me with it and I’ll add more stuff to this page.


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