While my main service is planning your whole heirloom garden and helping you plant it, here are other things I offer and details relevant to that:

Planning Pal
This is a bi-monthly newsletter delivered via email related to everything heirloom! Features include different planting methods, and a featured fruit or veggie of the week. Ideas for future topics are welcome.
FREE FOR A LIMITED TIME! Just email me and say you want to be on the receiving list!

Should I grow this?
Not sure if that new vegetable you’ve never grown before will do well in your area? Well I know. Ask me today and receive a reply in 48 hours, guaranteed!
$25 for 1 should I grow this question

$40 for 2 should I grow this questions
$50 for 3 should I grow this questions <;— BEST VALUE

What do I need to do differently?
Does something keep dying on you? Have you tried EVERYTHING? Email me with your problem and I can give you something new to try. *Please give me details on what you are trying to do and what you have tried already, as well as what it is you’re growing*

What should I plant?
Just starting your garden for the first time ever? Want it to be as successful as possible? Tell me where you live, and when your gardening area gets the most sun (early AM, late AM, noon, PM, late PM), and your level of experience, and I’ll tell you what will grow best in your garden.

What other resources are out there?
This is for novice and pro gardeners alike. If you need some new reading materials, want to know what new apps are available, or something else, let me know!

Plan my garden!
This is my forte! If you live within 75 miles of my house, I will come to you and plan your entire garden! Whether you live in an apartment or have 300 acres, I’ll take care of planning it! Don’t live locally? Email me and we can work something out!
$100 hour, 2 hour minimum*
*Note: It will probably take me longer, we can meet and talk and figure things out once I have more details from you. This is fair to both of us.

Plan my garden- Virtually
Tell me the size of your proposed gardening area, and what you would like to plant, and I will create a drawn out plan for you!

The Ultimate Package
This includes a 2 hour Plan my garden time, as well as a virtual plan of your garden for you to access at any time.


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