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Garden Planning

Published December 19, 2012 by blmercier91

Planning a garden is no easy task. That is why I recommend starting it now. Between finding out what’s compatible with what, but not with that and remembering that cucumbers like beans and peas and carrots, but the beans don’t like onions even though cucumbers do, you can see how it can become overwhelming. While some might think that it’s easier with a larger space, I respectfully disagree. My back yard- the primary gardening area- is over 2800 square feet, and it takes me several weeks to finish my plan. I’ve included two pictures of my work in progress, one showing just the primary vegetable area, and the other showing the whole yard.

This is the picture of the primary vegetable area.


This is the whole yard, the trees at the bottom are mature plum trees, they’re fantastic! The other tree is dead, we have plans to cut it down and turn it into a table, using half wooden barrels for seats. There is a set of horse shoe pits (not pictured), and some old bush stumps along the upper left side that need to be removed.


This is a work in progress, I’ll post an update when I’m much further along. What do you guys think?